If you encompass the subsequent symptoms of heart breakdown, you ought to observe to the doctors:

  • puffiness in the feet, ankles or else legs, acknowledged seeing that edema

  • liquefied which fabricates in the lungs, recognized as pulmonary jamming

  • Other warning signs may consist of breathless, sleep apnea, cough, and fatigue

Typical heart attack symptoms
Mostly in human heart attack instigates with restrained indicators — with merely uneasiness that regularly is not described seeing that pain. This embarrassment may arrive and set off. So you should not tempt to downplay following symptoms or else skirmish them off as dyspepsia or apprehension.



Chest discomfort or pain

This embarrassment or ache can sense approximating a stretched twinge, stress, extensiveness or squeezing in the central of your chest enduring surplus a only some minutes. This embarrassment may arrive and set off.

Upper body pain

Pain or embarrassment may broaden ahead of your chest to shoulders, arms, back, neck, teeth or jaw. You may have superior body soreness with rebuff chest discomfort.

Stomach pain

ache may broaden descending into your abdominal vicinity furthermore may be aware of like heartburn.

Shortness of breath

You may puff for breath or else make an effort to take in yawning breaths. This repeatedly occurs prior to you grow chest embarrassment or you may not familiarity whichever chest discomfort.


You may undergo a sagacity of kismet or feel as if you are having a fright harass for no perceptible motive.


In addition to chest stress, you may be aware of giddy or feel like you might surpass out.


You may all of a sudden break into a sweat with wintry, sticky covering.

Nausea and vomiting

You may sense similar to unwell to stomach or else gag.


SYMPTOMS---------- -





There are numerous varieties of Heart attack symptoms. Designed for occasion, you may have merely negligible chest embarrassment while some other person has agonizing pain. One though thing applies to everyone, If you are not convinced that you are having a heart attack or else not, You ought to call without more ado medical assist for emergency.







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